Following a request made my Treetops
Hospice (Risley) after last years’ success, we were asked back again to
setup our ‘Have A Go Archery’ stall for their Easter Egg Hunt.

As last year, it was an early start
on Easter Saturday meeting at the Asterdale for 8am to load up our cars,
Tony was dragged out of bed to take the bosses in his pick-up. The
downside was we had a fair amount of rain over the week and
we may have left some ruts on the Asterdale ground (hopefully no-one will notice).
We made our way over to Treetops via a slight detour but we won’t
mention that. The team unloaded and setup in record time after a number
of debates due to Treetops
also being water-logged but we found somewhere safe to setup our stall.

After a slow start our stall soon got busy with people of all ages wanting a go at archery, we made
£210 which is up from last years’ £174. We were
charging £2 per 6 arrows so you can calculate we saw 105 people but the
reality is we did give a few people free goes so the team actually saw
more customers than the final figures indicate.
The ground was muddy and the weather was cloudy and cold but the team
remained motivated for the 5 hours we spent raising money for the

I would
like to extend my thanks to all our volunteers on behalf
of ABAC and Treetops Hospice.

Mo Hussain, Membership Secretary